Why Raised-fit

Beyond the colour of our skin and eyes, the facial features of Asians and Caucasians are quite distinct. Naturally, this has an impact when looking for fashion accessories, especially when it comes to eyewear. An improper fitting of glasses or sunglasses may cause issues including headache, dizziness and not to mention the annoying touching of the frame or lenses against your cheeks and eyelashes. Here is where you may want to consider a Raised-fit instead.

The Essence of Raised-fit

Raised-fit (a.k.a elevated fit, alternative fit, low bridge fit) is gaining popularity amongst discerning consumers searching for a better fit. While there is no one size fits all solution, there are modifications made that facilitates the perfect contouring so as to ensure a comfortable fit for your facial features. This includes the following features:

  • Lenses: The base curves of these lenses are tweaked and flattened to follow your facial contours better
  • Frame: The pantoscopic tilt angle is reduced to adjust for higher cheekbone features.
  • Nose pads: The depth and angle is steepened to cater to the relatively flatter nose bridge

Once fine-tuned, these elements will provide a much more comfortable fit. No more frustrating slides, uncomfortable cheekbone imprints and irritating brow-touches.

Lenicc eyewear incorporates these features to ensure that perfect fit in addition to empowering you with the ability to customise and express your individual style. Our frames are wider and flatter, temples are longer and the nose pads are deeper and thicker to improve comfort on all fronts. Through repeated engineering designs and modifications, our sunglasses now come with the best style and comfort, so that you no longer need to settle with the standard off the shelf fitting. 


  • Do you have a store? Have been searching for the right style, fit for such a log time to no avail.

  • hi Marion,
    thank you for your interest and enquiry!
    we are a fully online eyewear brand.

    to try our sunnies, you could drop by our consignment counters:
    1) Bella kini – 69 haji land
    2) nimisski fashion – #03-50, far east plaza
    3) nimisski fashion (niki han & ethel wong) – level 3, paragon (new wing)
    4) owl optics – level 1, king albert’s park

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