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Beyond Designer Shades


"Love the shade of pink and the frame design"
– Khine –



"Love the shade of pink and the frame design"

- Pyae Phyo Khine -

Beyond Designer Shades

Beyond Designer Shades


“All glammed up!”
- @wendisy -



"All glamed up!!!"

- @Wendisy -

Beyond Designer Shades


Locally born from a family with medical and education background, advocating for health tips of any kind and leading a healthy lifestyle runs in the blood. Cautious of the things we eat and use daily, especially dealing with the eyes, my parents were protective of my eye health, and NOT shy about giving advice.


Since our budding days of youth, my father effortlessly advises and reminds to take good care of our eyes especially when we head out of the house to go about our routines. As a family, each of us faces our own challenges to get the right pair of sunglasses frame and lenses for ourselves. Both my father and brother have extremely high myopia degree; there are limited choices available.


As for my mother, she always has her sunglasses (mostly branded ones) on while she is driving.She does not wear it out walking in the sun as the lenses and fitcause her to feel dizzy and experiences a slight headache. I too have my fair share of difficulties in finding glasses with the right fit and comfort level for my eyes due to my nose bridge. While travelling under the glaring Roman sun in the summer of 2018, my pair of sunglasses (from a high street brand) did not serve me well. My surroundings were all dark greyish, my eyes were tearing up and I experienced headaches. This sparked an idea in my mind to find a solution of my own that would help wearers protect their eyes better, but with plenty of stylish notes, of course!


With the help of eye doctors and other experts, we embarked on a journey of research and design to source high-quality materials for quality sunglasses. Voila! — Lenicc Eyewear is the amalgamation of Science and Fashion. Born in December 2019, Lenicc Eyewear is on a mission to increase awareness of the need for wearing protective and stylish sunglasses each time you step into the light.

Doctors Who Wear Lenicc

Prof Ho Ching Lin
IG: @eyedoc_sg

Dr Vidhya Jay
IG: @vidhyamed

Dr Theresa Toh
IG: @tohtheresa

Dr Jade Kua
IG: @drjadekua

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Specially selected and sourced, the elements that are used to create our customisable sunglasses need to be light, durable and comfortable. For the frames, Lenicc Eyewear uses cellulose acetate (natural plastic) that is light to wear and long-lasting. For the lenses, Lenicc Eyewear uses fully UV-protective, polarised CR-39 with a layer of anti-glare coating to give your eyes maximum visual impact and comfort. Using stainless steel for the arms lessens tarnish and retains a sparkling shine.

While providing stylish eye protection to our customers, I give back to help the less privileged in rural villages of developing countries like India to regain their eyesight through much needed operations.

Everyone is unique. Be bold and tailor your shades to suit your lifestyle. We are here to empower you to express yourself and release the aura hidden within you.

Starting with a simple idea — to custom design high-quality sunglasses that fit comfortably — Grace and her associates found the sweet spot at the intersection of haute couture and personalization.

Everyone has a unique mix of tastes and styles. Lenicc is here to fuel the power to express yourself.

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