Our Brand and Responsibility

Lenicc: a view of the world through our lenses, envisioning a Unique and memorable Lifestyle journey

When our team sat and discussed on the very important topic of “What type of eyewear brand we would like to be", the answer was unanimous – through our pieces we bring joy and hope to the under-privileged.

We partnered with the reputable THE VISION MISSION to contribute part of our revenue to help restore sight to the less privileged in developing countries in ASEAN and India. This contribution will support training of the local ophthalmologists and sponsoring much needed cataract surgeries so that these patients can enjoy the right to sight again. 

It is by no means simple, but that is the mission we endeavor, to be

Beyond Designer Shades.


Our Logo

Our logo features a unique design with mirrored cursive ‘L’, The quality and type of ‘L’ens used in our sunglasses plays an important role to maximise eye protection and comfort. This only represents 1 of the ‘L’-s.

Our 2nd ‘L’ stands for ‘L’ifestyle. Featuring unique colours and artisanal workmanship, our hand-crafted frames perfectly complement the elegance of our wearers.


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