In the second series of our Lenicc Edit, we catch up with the lovely lady boss Rosemary of Petale Tea to get a glimpse of her entrepreneurship journey

1) What is Petale’s mission for ladies of the new era? (in terms of empowerment and positivity)
Pamper yourselves; Be in control of situation; Be inspired and work towards your aspirations!

2) What drove you to start your own hand-sewn teaball brand ?
This question transports me back to my previous work place where entrepreneurship is the key culture of the company. I was fortunate to be mentored & groomed by the brand founder. I left the company, joined some big brands, got bored and MNCs are just not for me. I was searching for my drive which was lost in transition for 4 years. After the birth of my 1st child, I started planning for my new journey. I was thinking, “If not now, then when?” I was 35 then and that was, to me, the last crunch. I needed to do something for my life and hopefully, leave a legacy.

3) What convinced you to collaboration with Lenicc?
I don’t need to be convinced! Lenicc was a customer. And, as an advocator of entrepreneurship, it makes every sense to support another startup. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey but it can be encouraging with peer support & love.

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